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Our mission at Linsley Lean Consultants is to create a new generation of entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, employers and organizations who not only thrive, but excel in all arenas by mastering the ever efficient Lean Six Sigma management philosophies.

  • To most organizations, “Lean Six Sigma” refers to streamlining of processes and the reduction of variations to increase productivity, value and minimize waste. To Us at Linsley Lean Management Consultant, if is far more.
  • We deliver the most effective Lean Six Sigma courses that helps students and organization to champion Lean principles, offer guidance, and ensure that the principles of Lean Six Sigma are being used to optimize the entire organizational system for value delivery.

  • We build an environment where our leaders and professionals help business owners and employees learn about their existing beliefs, their production processes and how to evolve them to maximize the development of their businesses.  Our courses are designed to educate our clients in the enterprise-wide process of increasing stability and self-improvement.

  • We delve deeper than just teaching or providing The Lean Six Sigma culture, we work hand-in-hand with students and clients to transfer knowledge, teach advanced and critical thinking and propel organizations and our students to a new level.

  • Through our Lean Six Sigma consulting services, we improve businesses bottom lines. That is just the start as we are focused on transforming your entire business operation. From your most precious assets, your people to the smallest process, we transform your business into a passionate, self-perpetuating force of the Lean Six Sigma philosophies.

We embody the principles of Lean Six Sigma and pass our passion onto organizations and students in a manner never seen before.

Purpose – Process – People are the principles of Lean Six Sigma

  • Purpose: We teach individuals and help organization use purpose to drive values, identify and solve problems.

  • Process: Students learn to transform, lead and improve the organizational and operational processes.

  • People: We teach individuals and organizations principles to enable them effectively lead and develop people to their maximum potential.


  • While our purpose is to impart knowledge and to transform and grow businesses, it’s is our engrained passion to teach techniques to our students and deliver solutions to clients that we value most. If we lift our students and clients to a whole new level of performance and understanding, then we have succeeded.

  • Through our Lean Six Sigma courses and services, we aim to help our students and clients strongly focus on results and instill proactive actions which will enable them to overcome challenges of a project or process successfully. Reliability and punctuality are ingrained in us. Owing to that we are a loyal and effective partner. The social interaction and mutual respect between us and our clients is essential for us.

  • Our clients are always amazed at how quickly we “get them.” Our open communication, understanding and empathy transform the tone of change from resistance to anticipation.

  • We effectively coach our students in practicing Lean management, which requires leaders to play a fundamentally different role.

  • At Linsley Lean Consultants, our courses are transforms students to leaders, enable them to embrace the role of a Lean leader which is that of a coach.

  • We are dedicated to helping our students align their teams around a common goal — a why that should guide every decision, from very big to the very small business and administrative decisions. We equip them with in-depth knowledge to arm their teams with the tools for success and encourage them to make smart decisions that will allow for sustainable and competitive growth.

  • Our students are prepared to provide guidance and leadership as needed — but most importantly, they learn to rely on their new skills, knowledge, and experience to do what is necessary to achieve the team goal.

  • At Linsley Lean Consultants, we are a highly qualified team. We distinguish ourselves by structured problem solving and sustainable implementation of solutions together with our customers.

  • It is our paramount duty to teach our students and clients how to approach their tasks with professional competence and endurance. Amenable to new ways we are flexible in the situation and dynamic in the reaction.

Our work is only done when we have birthed individuals who have mastered the Lean Six Sigma art of of increasing business productivities, enhance effective administrations and eliminate waste of resources at its root cause.