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Linsley Lean Consultants was formed after spending more than 20 years in the financial industry.  It was decided it was time to bring large Corporation analytics and Lean Six Sigma training/certification to small business owners and individuals like you. As a result of deeply rooted beliefs in the benefits and effectiveness of Lean and Six Sigma philosophies, Linsley Lean Consultants was founded.

Linsley Lean Consultants is an operational consulting firm with a focus on Lean Six Sigma and data analytics.  Linsley Lean Consultants has striven to cultivate an environment where individuals and small business owners are given the tools to confidently oppose conventional wisdom and increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase profits.

We identified that many small businesses and organizations have difficulties scaling the application of analytics and the philosophies of Lean Six Sigma into their business decisions.  We address this sensitive need and assist organizations in the implementation of analytics and Lean Six Sigma in a sustainable manner.

Linsley Lean Consultants assists organizations in making data-driven decisions. Our experience and expertise covers multiple business areas including Financial, Retail and Service industries.  While we boast of vast experience, our approach is to apply highly collaborative and structured strategies which is combined with industry-precise experience and knowledge to generate truly impressive results.

All procedures and strategies employed by us are chosen and refined for speed.  The procedural nature of all that is done is important to attaining proper collaboration. Without the procedures, there wouldn’t be true cohesion and there would be the potential for a disability in learning new skills.  By taking part in the enhancement on progress, strategies and ideas, the reception of change now becomes an integral part of the process simply because every solution belongs to the client.

About The Founder – Paul Linsley

Paul Linsley began his career in the financial industry over 20 years ago. He is an experienced leader who believes these two sayings, “If you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers.” and “It is thousands of incremental differences that add up to an unassailable whole.” While Paul has always believed in process improvement, it was when he earned his Green Belt that he saw the true potential to impact the course of any process and company.

Paul is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt instructor with an eye for detail. He uses statistical analysis to aid in identifying the root cause of process flaws and ensures his clients are afforded every opportunity to successfully implement their new processes, enabling them to achieve continued performance advances.  Paul leads all business operations, marketing and development with emphasis on strategic execution, innovation and process improvement excellence.