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There are currently two course options;

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course – $175.00
    1. The Yellow Belt course is a single day event with an intensive review designed to provide an in depth overview of Lean Six Sigma philosophies and tools. There is no exam with this course, but the provided study guide is yours to keep. Upon completion of the Yellow Belt Course, the course tuition may be applied to the Green Belt course of your choosing in the future (based on availability.)
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course – $300.00
    1. The Green Belt course is 10 days long (Monday – Thursday 6-9PM for 2 weeks and then the following Monday and Tuesday.)

All courses are 100% in-class and instructor led. All classes are conveniently located in Streetsboro Ohio.

All courses have a “Lean Biased” curriculum, meaning they are roughly 75% Lean and 25% Six Sigma. The reason for this is, the generally accepted philosophy is, “Lean first, Six Sigma after”.  Green Belts must be able to remove process waste while simultaneously improving key performance metrics; which is the foundation of Lean.

Credential earned for any course completion is a “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate.”  An option available for any Green Belt course is an accredited certification exam, provided by the American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification (AALSSC). The certification exam is offered immediately following the course completion.  When a student passes the exam they are awarded a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt “Certification” from AALSSC. Please visit for more information.  Upon successful completion of the course of study, each student will be rewarded a Green Belt course “Certificate of completion.”

Course Objective: For students to learn and understand the foundations of Lean Six Sigma and to develop problem-solving, process improvement and facilitator skills. A graduate from this course is able to effectively implement solutions that result in lower costs, faster delivery, higher quality and increased safety of operations.

Course Description: Project-based curriculum that leverages the use of simulations, case studies and team dynamics for the most effective learning experience. Students learn and practice the skills necessary to map, analyze and improve work processes, implement change management strategies, apply structured problem-solving methodologies, apply root cause analysis tools and implement proven Lean Six Sigma countermeasures.

There is a total of 30 instructor-led classroom hours with additional 5-6 hours of study/project work to be completed outside of class time. Beginning on day 2, the class will begin with a “Jeopardy Game” review of the previous day’s content. A final team presentation and submission of project documentation is required for course completion.

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