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About Linsley Lean Consultants

LLinsley Lean Consultants is a leading consulting institution providing management and educational consulting solutions in United States. With over 22 years of experience in the Financial Industry and mastering the Lean Six Sigma culture, we have succeeded in developing top-notch strategies and innovations to provide management solutions and enable drastic transformations for our clients. We provide solutions when our clients are in an environment of demanding and critical business problems. We aid them to make better management decisions, translating meaningful actions into results and creating a sustainable business plan for a competitive advantage.

After years of experience, Linsley Lean Management Consultants was created with the intention to engrain the culture of effective business management into business owners and students through our Lean Six Sigma programs. Realizing that today’s competitive environment leaves no room for error, we decided to take the bold step of impacting business owners and organizations by coaching, teaching and providing the Lean Six Sigma techniques and solutions through our well-structured courses and accredited exams.

About Lean Six Sigma Course

Llean Six Sigma (LSS) is a contemporary business management technique that works to ensure the improvement of the feral quality of production output. Six Sigma was born with the intention of limiting process defects to 1 in 3.4 million units.  This translates into an expectation of 99.99966% accuracy.  Lean is a business practice and solution that effectively utilize resources for the goal of value creation and the elimination of all process waste. Lean Six Sigma is a working business and administration technique that increases business productivities, enhances effective administrations and eliminate waste of resources at its root cause.

Why You Should choose our Lean Six Sigma Courses

The Lean Six Sigma Culture is engrained into respectable firms in all industries. With the likes of Boeing, Amazon, General Electric, Cleveland Clinic, PNC and Target gaining global recognition from embodying the Lean Six Sigma culture, there is no better time for companies, firms, business owners and individuals to take the same bold step. With the Lean Six Sigma training courses offered by Linsley Lean Consultants, you are set to add value to your business, reduce costs and effectively lead your organization.

Linsley Lean Consultants offers quality, efficient and affordable courses to meet your training needs.  Whether you are an employer, employee or just seeking Lean Six Sigma training for yourself, we have a range of courses customized to suit your specific needs.

Our Lean Six Sigma Courses

At Linsley Lean Consultants, we offer three Lean Six Sigma training courses from which you can find the one that best meets your requirements.

1. Lean Six Sigma Test Preparation Course

This is a 4 hour Lean Six Sigma test preparatory class and proctoring for the only accredited Lean Six Sigma exam in the U.S. This course is an option best for people with employer, military or people who are self-taught in Lean Six Sigma training, but don't have the benefit of having an accredited certification. This class is devoted to preparing students for the real test they are going to face in the Lean Six Sigma exam, thereby parting their way to the success ahead of them.

2. Lean Six Sigma Intensive Course

This is a full two-week intensive course in the Lean Six Sigma philosophy. Students will attend a 3 hour a night Lean Six Sigma training class for two weeks. At the end of the Lean Six Sigma Intensive Course, the students will receive a certificate of completion and have the option of taking an accredited exam. Upon passing this exam, they have the ability to add the LSSGB (Lean Six Sigma Green Belt) to their signature block.

3. Lean Six Sigma for Small Business Consulting Service

Linsley Lean Sigma Management Consultant also offers the Lean Six Sigma for Small Business Consulting services with a specialties in root cause analysis, problem solving and data analytics. With each consulting contract, the business owner will be given the premium opportunity to take two weeks Lean Six Sigma Intensive course at a discounted rate so they may continue their own process improvement

Our Team

We are a team of professionals with more than 22 years of Financial Industry experience. Each of our consultants and facilitators have earned their Lean Six Sigma Black Belts through the only accredited organization in the country. We are dedicated to the success of our students and clients. Our highly motivated team of consultants is composed of experienced specialists who dedicate their energy and expertise to achieving sustainable success for your company and learning process.

Linsley Lean Consultants gives you the valuable guidance to help you find your way and make the best use of the methods and instruments of Lean Six Sigma for your ambitions.

  • Linsley Lean Consultants was founded by Paul Linsley, who is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt instructor.

Paul uses and teaches statistical analysis along with the principals of Lean Six Sigma to help students and clients in identifying the root cause of process flaws. Paul ensures his students and clients experience continued success by sharing his knowledge of analytics and Lean Six Sigma philosophies; enabling them to achieve continued advances in performance.